Our Philosophy

Honest, Gentle and Compassionate Dentistry

We live in a challenging era for dentistry due to the emergence of large corporate companies and health insurance industry-owned practices, bringing about concerns regarding over-servicing, profit targets, performance indicators and time quotas, and their consequent impact on patient care.

In this environment, it is more important than ever to consider where you should place your trust in regards to your oral health care needs.

We believe in a more traditional approach to dentistry where the dentists and staff are only focussed on achieving the best outcome for the patient.

At Goodwood Dental:

  • our treatment advice will be determined by the long-term prognosis for the tooth or teeth involved and obtaining the best long-term outcome for the patient with respect to those teeth.
  • we will not recommend or perform treatment on a tooth which we feel is unlikely to last. Rather than perform ‘quick fixes’, which can quickly become wasted money for the patient, we will always recommend the treatment options which will be most effective for you in the long-term.
  • we absolutely will never recommend or perform unnecessary treatment or services.
  • we practice minimal intervention dentistry. This means that we are very conservative in our approach and never aggressive in treatment. For example, we prefer to monitor early decay rather than restore it with a filling, whenever appropriate, with the goal of preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.
  • we treat every patient as we would treat our own family, ensuring that everyone is given the best quality advice and treatment.
  • we believe in treating each person as a whole rather than just a set of teeth. A person’s health, work, social habits and family environment all bear an impact on dental health.
  • we endeavour to create an environment where there is no dental anxiety. We believe that this is achieved by giving the patient control of treatment options, explaining the process thoroughly along the way and taking the appropriate time required to deliver the treatment properly.
  • as part of our duty of care to you, it is important to realise our own limitations as dentists. If we are unable to diagnose your problem or deliver you the best treatment, we will refer you on to a specialist for diagnosis or further treatment. All specialists that we refer to are known personally by us and are people we trust to look after our patients with a similar philosophy to our own.

This philosophy goes to the core of how we believe dentistry should be practiced – centered around the best interests of the patient, and enabling us to build a long term relationship with the patient that is based on mutual understanding and trust.