Children's Dentistry

At Goodwood Dental, we believe that good dental habits should start young. As well as regular brushing and flossing, that includes making sure that children’s teeth are regularly checked by a dentist. Regular check-ups enable children to become familiar and comfortable with the dentist, as well as ensuring that any potential problems are identified early.

It’s never too early to start bringing your child to the dentist, and we try to make it fun. We have fancy dress-up glasses, they can try on their own set of dental gloves and have a ride in a fancy dental chair! We also have a children’s play area, crayons for colouring and change facilities too.

Children reading a book about teeth
Child in chair with Adelyn

Free* Check-Up for Children aged 17 and under

Children aged 17 years and younger at the time of their appointment can book in for a free* dental check-up.

Your child’s checkup will include a dental exam as well as x-rays if required. 

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Through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), the Australian Government provides funding for up to $1,000 of basic dental services for eligible children within a two year period. At the end of each two year period, children are re-assessed and may be eligible for a new benefit period.

All services performed under the CDBS at Goodwood Dental are bulk-billed. This means that we will accept the rebate from Medicare as full payment for the services provided (i.e. there will be no gap or out of pocket cost).

Details on the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, including eligibility criteria and services covered, are available online:

Please also feel free to contact us if you would like further information on how the Child Dental Benefit Schedule may be able to benefit your family.

Up to $1000 of government-funded dental care for eligible children

* Children's Free Check-up Terms and Conditions

  1. Patients must be aged 17 years or younger at the date of their check-up appointment.
  2. The check up will include a dental exam and x-rays if required.
  3. The check-up will be gap free for those patients with private health cover or Medicare CDBS eligibilty, and free of charge for those children without.
  4. Our regular prices will apply to any other children’s treatment performed. Note that all treatment performed under the Medicare CDBS will be bulk-billed – i.e. the Medicare rebate received will be accepted as full payment.